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Fb dogodek

Velenje eng 2019

Datum: 18.-20.6.2021

Kraj: Konjeniški klub KROFLA, Podpeca 43, 2393 Črna na Koroškem


  • 18.6.2021, petek / Friday, WT Odprti / Open

    • 11.00 - 13.00: registracija / registrations

    • 13.00 - 16.00: WT Odprti / Open

    • 16.00 - 17.00: Rezultati

  • 19.6.2021, sobota / Saturday, WT & 4Fun DT

    • 7.30 – 9.00: registracija / registrations - WT & 4Fun DT

    • 9.00 – 12.00: WT Predtekmovalci / Puppy, Začetniki / Beginners, Druge pasme / Other breeds

    • 12.00 – 13.00: kosilo / lunch

    • 13.00 – 16.00: WT Novinci / Novice, Veterani / Veterans

    • 16.00 – 19.00: 4Fun DT

    • 19.00 -  21.00: rezultati & večerja / results & dinner

  • 20.6.2021, nedelja, Delavnica / Workshop - Dr. Csaba Szantay
    • 7.30 – 8.30: registracija / registrations

    • 8.30 – 1300: Delavnica / Workshop

    • 3.00 – 14.00: kosilo / lunch & podelitev spričeval / & certificates


  • WT tekma & 4Fun DT:

    • prijava in plačilo do 14.06.2020: 45 € / psa za nečlane, 35 € / psa za člane LKDP in LKD (drugi)

    • plačilo do 18./19.6.: 55 € / psa za nečlane, 45 € / psa za člane LKDP in LKD (drugi)

      • vsak naslednji pes ima 5 € popusta

      • prijava na dan dogodka ni možna

  • Delavnica / Workshop: individualni dogovor / individual arrangement

  • članarina v LKDP: 20 € za leto 2021

Evaluation for BEST LKDP dog in previous season
Prijavnice eng Velenje 2019
Rules for WT & DT
Evaluation for the BEST at the event

Prenočišča / lodging:

  • avtodomi - na lokaciji KROFLA / campervans on the location KROFLA

  • Hostel BIKE & Ski, Mežica,

  • Hotel Kavalir Črna, Center 109, 2393 Črna na Koroškem, Slovenija (

Prehrana - dostava po naročilu / food can be delivered upon order

Veterinarska postaja / Vet station: Celjska cesta 126, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, (02) 881 23 00

Prva medicinska pomoč / First aid: Ob Suhi 11, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem, (02) 870 52 00

Informacije / Information: Vasja Mrdavšič, KROFLA,, +386 (0)41 271 297

Information for payment of registration fee:

Hunting cynological club for retrievers

Dolenje selce 17, 8211 Dobrnič
IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 0949 922


Delavska hranilnica d.d.

What to write in the payment order:
discipline-2020-surname-dog's call name

Sodniki eng Velenje 2019

Judges for WT & DT

Csaba Szantay.jpg

Dr. Csaba Szántay

First and foremost, I would like to express my thanks for the invitation to judge in Slovenia, it is a real honor!

I am a research scientist by profession, and I fell in love with the idea of keeping and training working retrievers about 16 years ago when a young colleague came to study in our research facility in Budapest for a few weeks. As it turned out, he had three Golden Retrievers whom he partly trained himself, and with whom he regularly attended working tests. As he kept talking about this topic, I felt mesmerized by the concept of a “working retriever“ and by the techniques he used to train and to build a unique working relationship with such a dog! I decided that by expanding our family as well as my personal “research” in this direction, I must try this myself!

So, following some theoretical preparation by reading tons of books and watching DVDs on the subject, as well as attending working tests as a spectator, we finally purchased our first dog, Joker, a Golden Retriever with whom I started training actively. Joker was followed by two other Goldens, first Scotch whom we brought from Scotland, and then Guru, sired by Scotch. Especially with Guru we had some great successes in the open class and attended a huge number of competitions both in Hungary and internationally. Before his retirement in 2017 due to an injury, Guru was widely regarded as the most successful working Golden Retriever in Hungary in recent years. In addition, with Guru we also participated in the K-99 system of certification which required a somewhat different kind of training, where he achieved the highest (9th) level in the obedience class. Moreover, he also became a member of the prestigious team of “fMRI-dogs” comprised of the few dogs who could be trained to lie motionless in the fMRI machine as a part of an internationally acclaimed research project on canine cognition conducted at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. The latest member of our dog-family is Prof, a very young fox-red Labrador Retriever who is still only emerging from puppyhood.

Rules on WT by the Hunting Cynological Club for Retrievers - Excerpt on apprentice - judges

The WT can be judged only by the following judges:

  1. Foreign judges with the licence of their home country (FCI / KC sjudges)

  2. For the Slovenian judges the following requirements need to be met for nominaiton for a WT Judge:

  • If he/she has done the requirements for becoming a judge according to the Recommendations by the Retrievers' Committe of FCI in any country with a long-term tradition in organization of WTs

  • If she/he is already a judge for any kind of work or a conformation / show judge according to the rules of the Slovenian Cynological Association, and she/he has already fulfilled the following criteria:

    • has qualified at least three times in the WT for retrievers in the class Open, and

    • was already staging at least twice with different FCI / KC judges in all difficulty classes and obtained a positive evaluation of the leading judge, and

    • participated at least five times with different judges as a helper / steward or in writing down the results, and

    • if he/she has co-organized at least three events by the programme for WT.

  • If all the above mentioned requirements are met, the Club can enlist him/her into the list of judges as a "WT judge - apprentice". Together with an experienced FCI / KC judge he/she can judge at local events after these Rules for WT.

  • The WT judge – apprentice can, after he has judged three times at WTs by these regulations, and after finishing the specific education conforming to the rules of the Slovenian Cynological Association, register for the theoretical and practical part of an exam with an invited national or international FCI / KC judge of the highest rank, and consequently he/she can be included into the list of judges as a "WT Judge".

Prof. dr. Hojka Kraigher has fulfilled all qualifications for an apprentice - judge by the Rules for WT of the LKDP :

  • she is a conformation - show judge KZS - FCI

  • she qualified more that 3x in WT Class Open

  • she participated more than 5x as a steward or writing down the results with different judges

  • co-organized more than 3x a WT

  • staged 2x with FCI judges for WT and received the positive opinions by Stef Bollen and Dr. Csaba Szantay (2018)

Bojan Čepirlo partially fulfills the requirements to start staging as an apprentice - judge by the Rules of LKDP:

  • he has qualified more than 3x in WT and in DT in Class Open

  • he participated more than 5x as a steward with different judges

  • he has more than 3x co-organized the WTs

  • as an aprentice-judge he started co-judging with Dr. Csaba Szantay according to the Rules of the Hunting Cynological Club for Retrievers

Food orders:

Food (orders are collected till July 2nd  2020 at the latest to order the exact number of  lunches, on e-mail LKDP):

  • Saturday: pizza on goulasch, 6€

  • Sunday: pizza or goulasch, 6€

Food etc

Rules of behaviour

Dogs' excrements are to be picked up by owners / handlers at all time and location. Dogs to be on leash, not allowed to cross the testing area at any time. For all damage occured by / to the dog or dog owner / handler the dog owner  / handler is responsible.


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